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Lightning NFC single-use 10-Day temperature recorders

Smart Device Enabled, In-Transit, Single-Use


Cargo Data has designed Lightning NFC smartphone/tablet enabled tempeature recorders to simplify in-transit temperature monitoring, chart viewing, product quality attribute documentation, and data archiving.

With a simple, free App download, your NFC enabled smart device can wirelessly download and display in-transit temperature data.  All temperature data is automatically send to “The Cloud”.


Reusable/Programmable/Multi-use, Real Time Temperature & Location Monitoring


Streamer is a turnkey FSMA-compliant system which constantly monitors refrigerated delivery truck/trailer temperature, location, door status, and humidity. All data is “streamed” to Cargo Data’s online archive where it can be immediately reviewed and analyzed. This set-it-and-forget-it system specifically designed for company-owned delivery fleets which carry product subject to FSMA temperature monitoring requirements.

Lightning Real Time

Real Time Temperature Monitoring, Single Use


Lightning Real Time monitors and archives all temperature and location data while your perishable shipment is in transit, providing complete documentation in accordance with all FSMA and HACCP requirements for human and animal food products. Lightning Real Time is truly a single-use,  “set it and forget it” instrument which brings easy regulatory compliance.

Quality Blue

In-transit, single-use, general purpose

Quality Blue temperature recorders are designed to provide dependable temperature monitoring at every point along the cold chain. Quality Blue is a perfect replacement for obsolete strip chart recorders and provides unmatched reliability, accuracy, flexibility and low cost.

Quality Blue is ideal for use in the transportation of products for the perishable foods, floral, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.


Quality USB

In-transit, single use, general purpose, optimized for export shipments

Quality USB temperature recorders are designed to provide reliable temperature monitoring for domestic and overseas shipments. The mini USB 2.0 interface is supported globally. Quality USB is a perfect replacement for obsolete strip chart recorders and provides unmatched reliability, accuracy, and flexibility. Quality USB’s small size makes it ideal for slipping inside shipping cartons.

Quality USB is ideal for use in the transportation of products for the perishable foods, floral, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.


Restaurant Depot/Jetro Required Temperature Recorders

Restaurant Depot (Western Region) Use Only


Required for all perishable shipments inbound to all Western Region Restaurant Depot/Jetro Distribution Centers, warehouses, and cross docks. Use for produce, floral, deli/dairy, meat, seafood. This instrument is for Western Region Restaurant Depot/Jetro use ONLY—not acceptable for other applications.

Orange Wedge™

For intercompany and closed-loop applications

Orange Wedge™ is designed to monitor temperatures during cross docking or product transfers within inter-company distribution networks. Orange Wedge™ is a perfect replacement for obsolete strip chart recorders and provides unmatched reliability, accuracy, flexibility and low cost.

Orange Wedge™ is ideal for inter-company transfer of perishable foods, floral, chemical, and pharmaceutical products.


USB Connection Kit

Connects Quality Blue, Quality Wedge, and Select series recorders to computer


This simple USB Connection Kit is designed to simplify downloading temperature data from Cargo Data’s highly accurate digital temperature recorders equipped with 9-pin connectors. (Not needed for Quality USB,  LightningNFC or Boomerang2 recorders)


Probe Thermometer


Designed for Quality Assurance, Perishables Receiving professionals, pre-cooling managers, drivers, dispatchers, and harvest supervisors, FliProbe provides fast and accurate internal temperature readings. If you are monitoring trailer loading, fulfilling HACCP food safety program requirements, or making an accept/reject decision, FliProbe is built to safely meet the challenges of the job.

Boomerang 2 Chart-view Reusable Digital Temperature Recorder

Reusable, In-Transit, Facility Monitoring


Boomerang 2 chart-view temperature recorders provide cost effective, high-value temperature monitoring in closed-loop, round trip transportation systems. These re-usable temperature recorders eliminate the need to repeatedly purchase single-use transit temperature recorders. Boomerang 2 includes a high graphic display simplify cold chain evaluation.

Boomerang 2 can also be used in temperature controlled warehouses for general monitoring and audit purposes. Boomerang 2 can be used with external temperature sensors or probes.

* Not available for sale online. Contact the Cargo Data office for purchasing.