The following is required for purchase

  • Streamer4G Monthly Monitoring


Real Time Temperature/Location Monitoring

The Streamer4G System is designed to monitor:

1) Up to 2 monitoring zones
2) Sensor for Zone 1 is included in purchase price. Optional external sensor and/or probe-type sensor for Zone 2 available separately.
3) Relative humidity (single relative humidity sensor inside the terminal)
4) Approximate location (as established by cell phone tower triangulation technology)
5) Cargo door status (as assumed by presence/absence of light)

Please note this product requires purchase of 1 month of Streamer4G Monthly Monitoring at $25 a month

Operating Modes

Cargo Data’s Streamer4G is designed to operate in 3 different modes:

1) Truck/Trailer Mode: Streamer4G is semi-permanently mounted in a temperature-controlled truck or trailer. The truck/trailer mounting kit (sold separately) includes a water resistant mounting case, power cable for connection to 12vdc power source within the truck/trailer, one small onboard ambient temperature sensor, and one corded external sensor (typically inserted into Zone 2 port) which is designed to monitor temperature at the end of the truck/trailer opposite from where the terminal is mounted. This is ideal for two-zone bulkheaded trailers where one end is for frozen product while the other end is for chilled fresh product. Use of a second sensor is optional—Streamer4G will work properly with only one sensor. In truck/trailer mode, Streamer4G monitors ambient temperatures in up to two zones, relative humidity in the zone where the terminal is mounted, approximate location as reported by cell phone tower triangulation, and door status, as determined by the light sensor in the zone where the terminal is mounted. In Truck/Trailer mode, once installed, Streamer4G is typically left “on” at all times, though the power switch can be turned off if monitoring is not desired during a specific time period.

2) Warehouse (Cooler/Freezer) Mode: Steamer4G is used to monitor temperature, humidity, and light in a fixed location cooler or freezer. Streamer4G receives power from a 120 vac power cord (included in Warehouse Installation kit) which can be connected to an ordinary home, office, or warehouse power electrical outlet. Streamer4G can monitor up to 2 temperature zones using any combination of onboard ambient, extension sensor, or external probe sensors. High-Temperature sensors to log readings as high as 296 deg F are available. Humidity and light events are also captured, but location data is not displayed by default in Warehouse mode since monitoring is taking place at a fixed location.

3) Autonomous/Audit Mode: Streamer4G contains an internal rechargeable battery which allows it to function with no external power source for about 5 days. When being used in audit mode, any combination of sensors and/or probes can be used, and it can be used to monitor warehouses or in-transit applications. Two temperature zones, location, humidity, and light events are captured in Autonomous mode.

Actual Streamer4G System Screenshot:



Streamer4G Owner’s Manual can be downloaded here:  Streamer4G Owner’s Manual

Streamer4G Out-of-Range Alert Set-Up instructions here:  Streamer4G Alert Set-Up

Installation instructions for Truck/Trailer Use can be downloaded here:  Installation Instructions