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Restaurant Depot/Jetro Required Temperature Recorders



  • Required for all perishable shipments (Produce, meat, dairy/deli, seafood, floral, frozen) to all Western Region Restaurant Depot/Jetro Distribution Centers, warehouses, and cross-docks
  • Easy One-Touch Activation
  • Data collected from these instruments can be viewed using Cargo Data’s UpLink system.  Learn about UpLink HERE

The Restaurant Depot/Jetro required temperature recorder is sold in multiples of 20.  Place order for 20, 40, 60, etc.

Approved for all perishable shipments inbound to Western Region Restaurant Depot/Jetro Distribution Centers. Use for produce, floral, deli/dairy, meat, seafood. This instrument is for Western Region Restaurant Depot/Jetro use ONLY—not acceptable for other applications.  Contact your Restaurant Depot/Jetro buyer if you are unsure which region your destination is assigned to.



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