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Lightning Real Time



Lightning Real Time single-use temperature recorders provide online access to current temperature, location, and door status while perishable shipments are in-transit.

This “set it and forget it” level of automation provides all the documentation required for compliance with the FSMA Final Rule for Sanitary Transportation of human and animal food products. If desired, Lightning Real Time instruments can be configured to issue SMS and/or email alerts when truck/trailer temperature exceeds the preferred temperature range. The built-in light sensor can also indicate when cargo doors are opened or closed.

All temperature, location, and light event data is immediately archived online for easy review. FSMA “Sanitary Transportation Final Rule” compliance has never been easier!  Access to archived data is free, and remains live online for 180 days.  Older data can be provided upon request.

The Lightning Real Time instruments sold online here are configured to run for 10 days, and optimized for use in North America.  Lightning Real Time instruments are also available in 20 and 40 day, and longer run times, and for use in other global regions.  Contact us for configuration options and volume pricing.

Detailed Use and Configuration manual can be downloaded HERE .

Note: Unlike competing systems, Lightning Real Time can provide the Inspector/Receiver with a complete temperature chart at the trailer door using Cargo Data’s free Lightning App for Android and iPhone (iPhone 7 and higher). Lightning Real Time temperature charts can be viewed while shipment is in-transit, and upon arrival.  Lightning App also enables the Receiver/Inspector to add documentation about arrival quality attributes, add photographs, and even log accept/reject determinations to the temperature record.

Lightning Real Time instruments ordered online will be shipped with no out-of-range alert configuration.  Alerts can be set-up with just a few clicks using the instructions provided in the Use and Configuration Manual linked above.