Cargo Data has always promoted recycling.

It’s free, easy, and can be profitable!

The cold chain is not only growing safer and more robust, but it’s also becoming increasingly green. At Cargo Data Corp, we’re committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. These efforts have allowed Cargo Data and its customers to reduce their environmental impact and support both sustainability and profitability.

Recycling Program

As part of our green initiative, Cargo Data promotes the return of our temperature data collection tools for recycling. We strive to make recycling free, easy, and profitable by offering a rebate program for Receivers who return 10 or more used recorders per shipment. While Receivers are responsible for shipping the product, Cargo Data handles the entire recycling process once we receive the product. Simply collect your used Cargo Data recorders and return them to us using postage pre-paid labels (available for downloading on this page).

Many of our customers take advantage of our recycling service to improve their own sustainability issues while saving money. Start today by clicking below to download/print a prepaid mailing label to attach to your package. Give the package to your postal carrier or take to post office. Be sure to enclose your business card or a note providing your name and mailing address.

No rebates are issued without prior authorization over the telephone. Please do not send individual recorders back to Cargo Data. Recorders are only accepted in bulk shipments.

Contact Cargo Data Today

At Cargo Data, we seize every opportunity to optimize the use of our cold chain monitoring instruments. If you’d like to know more about our recycling program or our real time temperature monitoring systems, call us today at 800-338-8134 or email us from our contact page or further details.


Click on image below to download prepaid label.