Are you considering a real-time temperature monitoring program? Want to go digital with the refrigerated goods you’re transporting? It might seem like a leap, but what you’re considering is actually an elegant and simple solution. It will help your business in a whole range of ways, from staying FSMA compliant to saving on costs.

To give you a better idea of what you’re getting into, here’s a look into how real-time temperature monitoring actually works.

Continuous real-time temperature monitoring is done via a digital temperature recorder. The majority of digital recorders available for purchase measure temperature by using thermistors, solid state electronic components that are ultra-sensitive to temperature. This sets them apart from strip charts, which use bi-metallic coils instead. What thermistors really measure is resistance which variable on temperature.

When the temperature in the truck drops, the electric current running through the thermistor slows down because there is more resistance. When the temperature increases, the current speeds up, since there is less resistance. The differing levels of resistance are measured by an integrated circuit, which then computes the actual temperature. The overall calculation process happens instantaneously and is highly specific—accurate to 1/2 of 1 degree F.

If you’re interested in a truly powerful real-time temperature monitoring solution for your own company owned trucks or refrigerated warehouse,  you’ll want to consider the Streamer4G. It’s a turnkey system that not only monitors temperature, but also door status, location, and humidity levels. It employs thermistor technology combined with cellular technology to constantly “stream” data to an online archive where it can be checked at any time. In mobile installations, that means data points can be reviewed not only after the shipment, but also while the truck is in transit.

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