Ventura, CA Cargo Data has joined PMA’s Gold Circle efforts to assist the fresh produce industry to improve food safety programs.

Food safety affects every consumer. So at Cargo Data Corporation, we have made the decision to invest in the future of our communities and the world we live in by supporting the Produce Marketing Association’s Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety. PMA’s Gold Circle Campaign funds critical research and education to strengthen global food safety and consumer confidence in fresh produce. It also supports industry efforts to develop solutions that prevent, or lessen the impact of, a food safety crisis.

This is important work, and we wanted to play a leading role. Through the Gold Circle Campaign, we have joined other industry leaders to work towards a common goal—safe and healthy food on consumers’ plates. By supporting the Gold Circle Campaign, we’re helping to improve food safety along every link of the produce supply chain—from crops in the field to produce on supermarket displays. When consumers have confidence in the fresh fruits and vegetables they bring home to their kitchens, we all benefit. To learn more about PMA’s Gold Circle Campaign, please visit