Strip chart recorders are still a choice for some when transporting refrigerated goods, but the truth is, they are outdated. Once, they were seen as having certain benefits over other temperature monitoring options; there were perceived pros and cons to both sides. However, as technology has continued to advance, all of the supposed “pros” of strip chart recorders have faded, leaving only the cons.

How does a strip chart recorder work?

A strip chart recorder uses a long strip of paper and a stylus. It archives temperature data points over timed intervals. The stylus plots the data on the chart paper as it passes through at a specific speed.. One of their most common uses was for monitoring and recording temperatures for shipments of perishable food products.

Why are strip chart recorders outdated?

Initially, strip chart recorders were praised for being easy to use, and for providing a quick hard copy for reference. However, they have since been overtaken in all metrics by digital temperature monitors.

Digital temperature monitors require far less setup, and are even easier to use than their strip chart counterparts. In an increasingly paperless world, they are more useful because they can transmit all data points to the cloud, rather than printing out a hardcopy that must be later entered into a computer for record keeping. Digital temperature recorders also assure greater accuracy.

Some Cargo Data digital temperature recorders can be reviewed remotely in real-time. That means you can check the data on a traveling truck from your smart-device hundreds of miles away. You can know at all times what the temperature is, and have a more convenient way to make and review permanent records. We offer many kinds of digital temperature recorders, so you can pick one that perfectly fits the needs of you and anyone else involved in your cold chain.

There’s no need to be using obsolete technology that causes additional hassle. If you’d like a free consultation on switching to digital temperature monitoring instruments, please give us a call at (800) 338-8134.