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Reusable/Programmable/Multi-use, Real Time Temperature & Location Monitoring


Streamer is a turnkey FSMA-compliant system which constantly monitors refrigerated delivery truck/trailer temperature, location, door status, and humidity. All data is “streamed” to Cargo Data’s online archive where it can be immediately reviewed and analyzed. This set-it-and-forget-it system specifically designed for company-owned delivery fleets which carry product subject to FSMA temperature monitoring requirements.

Boomerang 2 Chart-view Reusable Digital Temperature Recorder

Reusable, In-Transit, Facility Monitoring


Boomerang 2 chart-view temperature recorders provide cost effective, high-value temperature monitoring in closed-loop, round trip transportation systems. These re-usable temperature recorders eliminate the need to repeatedly purchase single-use transit temperature recorders. Boomerang 2 includes a high graphic display simplify cold chain evaluation.

Boomerang 2 can also be used in temperature controlled warehouses for general monitoring and audit purposes. Boomerang 2 can be used with external temperature sensors or probes.

* Not available for sale online. Contact the Cargo Data office for purchasing.