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Reusable/Programmable/Multi-use, Real Time Temperature & Location Monitoring


Streamer is a turnkey FSMA-compliant system which constantly monitors refrigerated delivery truck/trailer temperature, location, door status, and humidity. All data is “streamed” to Cargo Data’s online archive where it can be immediately reviewed and analyzed. This set-it-and-forget-it system specifically designed for company-owned delivery fleets which carry product subject to FSMA temperature monitoring requirements.

Lightning Real Time

Real Time Temperature Monitoring, Single Use


Lightning Real Time monitors and archives all temperature and location data while your perishable shipment is in transit, providing complete documentation in accordance with all FSMA and HACCP requirements for human and animal food products. Lightning Real Time is truly a single-use,  “set it and forget it” instrument which brings easy regulatory compliance.

* Not available for sale online. Contact the Cargo Data office for purchasing.