Accurate cold-chain temperature monitoring is the key to keeping food and other perishable shipments safe and fresh. At Cargo Data, we have developed real-time cold chain monitoring solutions which provide easy access to vital temperature data of your valuable temperature sensitive shipments. In addition to keeping food fresh and safe, here are 5 major benefits that comes with real-time temperature monitoring.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Benefits

Set it and Forget it Automation
The “set it and forget it” level of automation provides all the documentation required for compliance with the FSMA Final Rule for Sanitary Transportation of human and animal food products. Our system will issue alert texts and emails if shipment temperatures exceed safe limits while in-transit. This new technology is viewed as being more “foolproof” than conventional devices which must be downloaded.

Increased Profitability and Reduced Spoilage
Thanks to real-time temperature monitoring, businesses will save money on “shrink”–spoiled perishable items. If there is a potential problem, you will be notified immediately. At Cargo Data, we’re proud to be at the forefront of reducing food loss.

24/7 Location Data

In addition to being able to view temperature data online while the shipment is in-transit, our system uses cell tower triangulation technology to provide approximate location of the shipment at a given time.

User Friendly

Cargo Data Corporation has created a remarkably simple online interface. Users can view temperature and location data for any shipment simply by entering the Lightning Real-Time instrument serial number in the UpLink field on our website. No registration or password is required. Cargo Data Corp keeps all data live online for 6 months and older data is archived for potential later audit or claim verification.

Alert Pre-Configuration

Cargo Data has further implemented an advanced “Alert Pre-configuration” program which simplifies the work of shipping clerks at the origin location. Vital information is pre-loaded into Cargo Data’s system so the shipping clerk needs to only note the device serial number and activate the instrument.

Do you have questions about the benefits of real-time temperature monitoring? Contact Cargo Data Corporation’s knowledgeable in-transit temperature monitoring program specialists today at 800-338-8134.