To improve the cold chain processes, it’s essential to understand the value of reliable real-time temperature monitoring. While simple in theory, maintaining proper temperatures requires a turnkey system that monitors temperature, door status, location, and humidity levels. Not only does it improve the safety of food transport, but it also cuts operating costs, increases profitability, and improves efficiency.

Cut Costs & Improve Profitability

When food is being shipped from one site to another, temperature data must be captured and reviewed to ensure that the perishable cargo isn’t compromised. Real-time temperature monitoring archives all temperature and location data while your perishable shipment is in transit and provides complete documentation to prove that the shipment is FSMA and HACCP compliant. Ensuring that food is kept at the right temperature through the entire cold chain management process will help reduce costly spoilage claims and redelivery costs. Bottom line, real-time monitoring and Internet of Things technologies produce the highest return on investments.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Cutting costs through temperature monitoring will allow for increases in operational efficiency, which streamlines the cold chain logistics process. It takes coordination, efficiency, and properly working equipment to move a shipment. Every delay costs time, and time is money. If you’re looking to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in your cold chain application, we offer monitoring instruments that regularly report temperature data to The Cloud while the shipment is in-transit. Our system issues alert texts and emails if shipment temperatures exceed safe limits while in-transit. Without these systems in place, you’ll lack the end-to-end visibility you need to increase overall efficiency and task accuracy.

Contact Cargo Data for More Information

Cargo Data gives you peace of mind by keeping your perishable items monitored with FSMA compliant methods. If you’d like to know more about our real time temperature monitoring and how it can cost yours costs and improve operational efficiency, give us a call. We offer free consultations and can be reached at (800) 338-8134.