The cold chain industry is a key part of the world economy and continues to shape the consumer market. Globally, the food distribution cold chain industry has an estimated value of $250 billion. According to the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), the cold chain industry contributed to $56 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product and accounted for 67,000 jobs in 49 states in the year 2012. With the United States being the global leader in the development of efficient cold chain technologies and management processes, we’re positioned to capture a large share of the global market.

Economic Growth for Emerging Markets

Food cold chain technologies are the cornerstone of improving economies across the globe. Emerging markets with increased disposable income have allowed consumers to spend more on high-quality, fresh food products. As a result, certain regions have seen a boom in cold chain investment and opportunities. Many developing countries experience a severe lack of cold chain infrastructure and logistics required to supply safe food product. Therefore, implementing new technologies in the cold chain can help struggling countries take part in the global perishable products market.

Grow Your Bottom Line

The cold chain industry is vital for all investors, predominantly food retailers. Their reputations and bottom line depend on the reliability of their cold chain. When cold chain management goes awry, your business may end up spending more on inventory, transportation, and labor.

Protect Your Products

As a food retailer, it’s your responsibility to sell products that are safe and fresh for your customers. It’s essential to your reputation and continued business success. The best way to protect your products is to require your suppliers to use a cold chain monitoring system that’s simple, effective, and transparent. To learn more about our cold chain monitoring products, including Lightning Real Time, give us a call at (800) 338-8134 or visit