Temperature monitoring is already a complicated process. You have to keep meticulous records, make sure every instrument is working properly, and be aware of how transportation might affect the temperature of your goods. There’s no need to make the whole process more complicated with endless amounts of paper. Here’s a handful of ways you can eliminate the need for paper—when combined together, the results can be a completely paperless system.

Use electronic recorders

Rather than using strip chart recorders, an electronic device is much more convenient, and much simpler to use. Our Lightning NFC recorder tracks temperature without needing any kind of paper. In fact, Cargo Data offers a variety of electronic recorders depending on your specific needs. Whether you’re a large company or a small one, we’ve got a recording device that will help you go paperless.

Have a paperless database

When you combine the Lightning NFC system with your NFC-enabled smart device, the result is a truly paperless experience. Simply download the NFC app to your phone or tablet, and then hold the temperature recorder against it to see the full temperature chart. You can then upload the data permanently to the cloud, where you can review it at any time. This means you saying goodbye to piles of documents that show what the temperature was for each day of shipping. Instead, search through the database online—it will save significant time.

Make electronic notes

With the NFC app, you can also record important notes on the condition of the products electronically, rather than keeping a notebook handy. There’s even an option to upload pictures of products to the database, so that a perfect view of their condition in shipping is always handy.

If you’d like more information on going paperless, or on any aspect of temperature monitoring, we’d be happy to help. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 338-8134.