We live in an era of smart technology. Forget just smartphones and tablets, there’s now waves of tech available that can transform your entire home. Retailers promise home-heating systems and lighting options you can change with a click, even while you’re away on vacation. It’s a faster, slicker world where data can be streamed instantly.

This same new technology extends to the world of business. It can be used to solve problems and eliminate paperwork. When it comes to managing a cold chain, it’s invaluable. Gone are the days of desktop computers, printers, and bulky equipment. All temperature monitoring can now be done through “streaming” systems that are easy to implement and use.

The Streamer

Our latest product, the Streamer, uses this new technology to maximize productivity and simplify your supply chain procedure. The system monitors the temperature in real-time and then streams that data back to our Cargo Data archives where you can access it from anywhere. This means you can check the temperature of a truck even when it’s out on the road. You can also review any data point from any time, without having to dig through hundreds of spreadsheets.

The system not only monitors the temperature of reefer trucks and trailers, it also records the location, door status, and humidity levels. Its sensors are finely attuned and calibrated to detect even slight changes in the truck’s condition. The dual operating modes add an extra layer of convenience: the system can run on battery power for up to 5 days, or it can be hard-wired into a truck/trailer 12 VDC power source for uninterrupted operation.

FSMA compliant

The Streamer’s use of the latest technology helps it stay compliant with the most recent FSMA regulations. These stricter regulations can prove a challenge to meet, but the Streamer is up to the task. In fact, our system was specifically designed to help company-owned delivery fleets meet the new temperature monitoring regulations. With this system, you won’t need to create an archive of data points from scratch, the Streamer will compile them for you using real-time monitoring.

Get in touch

For more information on purchasing and implementing the Streamer, contact the experts at Cargo Data Corporation at (800) 338-8134 or information@cargodatacorp.com. We’re ready to set you up with a superior temperature monitoring system and answer any questions you might have.