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Probe Thermometer


Designed for Quality Assurance, Perishables Receiving professionals, pre-cooling managers, drivers, dispatchers, and harvest supervisors, FliProbe provides fast and accurate internal temperature readings. If you are monitoring trailer loading, fulfilling HACCP food safety program requirements, or making an accept/reject decision, FliProbe is built to safely meet the challenges of the job.

Boomerang 2 Chart-view Reusable Digital Temperature Recorder

Reusable, In-Transit, Facility Monitoring


Boomerang 2 chart-view temperature recorders provide cost effective, high-value temperature monitoring in closed-loop, round trip transportation systems. These re-usable temperature recorders eliminate the need to repeatedly purchase single-use transit temperature recorders. Boomerang 2 includes a high graphic display simplify cold chain evaluation.

Boomerang 2 can also be used in temperature controlled warehouses for general monitoring and audit purposes. Boomerang 2 can be used with external temperature sensors or probes.

* Not available for sale online. Contact the Cargo Data office for purchasing.