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USB Connection Kit

Connects Quality Blue, Quality Wedge, and Select series recorders to computer


This simple USB Connection Kit is designed to simplify downloading temperature data from Cargo Data’s highly accurate digital temperature recorders equipped with 9-pin connectors. (Not needed for Quality USB,  LightningNFC or Boomerang2 recorders)

Express Lite handheld data retrieval device

Downloads and displays temperature data from Quality Blue, Orange Wedge, and Select series temperature recorders


Cargo Data’s patented Express handheld data retrieval device provides instant viewing of vital digital temperature recorder data. Receiving and/or QA staff can place any Cargo Data digital temperature recorder* in the Express dock for a quick 5 second download. Once data is downloaded from the recorder, the familiar line graph chart is displayed on the large color LCD. Data can also be viewed in tabular format.

With the easy to use on-board keypad, Receivers can add documentation such as purchase order number, carrier, commodity, etc., to the temperature record. Express improves operational efficiency by eliminating staff trips to the Receiving Office to view/print a temperature record.

* Not available for sale online. Contact the Cargo Data office for purchasing.