Lightning Quality Assurance and Documentation Program

Designed by QA Professionals for QA Professionals

Lighting QA Program is a high quality tablet-based cold chain evaluation system integrated with a full suite of arrival inspection documentation tools and product pictures.   

Lightning QA Program enables Receivers/Inspectors of perishable food products to immediately review cold chain data while standing at the trailer door.  Then, using category-specific online worksheets, the Inspector can fully document product attributes such as condition, country of origin, defects, and decay.  Photos can be added.  The Inspector can then log the Accept or Reject determination.

All data is automatically saved to Cargo Data’s secure servers.  Rejection reports can be automatically issued to key Procurement, Logistics, and Food Safety personnel as needed.  Extensive reporting available to support ojective evaluation of shippers and carriers.

Use of Cargo Data’s Lightning QA Program is available at NO COST to qualified Receivers when used with Cargo Data’s  Lightning NFC and/or  Lightning Real Time temperature monitoring instruments.

Sample Report: