Digital Recorder Use Instructions – For Quality Series:

To Start Recording:  Press “Start” button.  .  The green LED will flash approx. every 3 seconds indicating that temperature monitoring is in progress.

To stop temperature monitoring: Press the  “Stop” Button.

To view Alerts on units without LCD: After stop button has been pushed, press “Check”.  If red LED begins blinking, this indicates that temperature range was breached during the recording period.

To view temperature data on units equipped with an LCD:  Press “F” for Fahrenheit, “C” for Celsius.  Data will be displayed in the following sequence:

  1. Total monitored time:   X days  and X hours
  2. Full average temperature for the monitored time
  3. Low and High temperatures for the monitored time
  4. Average temperature for Day 1
  5. Low and high temperatures for Day 1
  6. Average temperature for Day 2
  7. Low and high temperatures for Day 2
  8. Display continues for each additional day of monitoring.

To View temperature data and charts on a PC:  Use USB Connection Kit (or equivalent) to interface with your PC. The Quality USB recorder requires only a common mini USB 2.0 cord available locally. Download free KoldLink App from  Follow online instructions.

To View temperature data on Express handheld data retrieval device:  Dock the recorder to Express.  On Express, press “Download”, then “View”. Data stored on Express can be downloaded into a PC using a standard Mini USB 2.0 cable.

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