KoldLink Universal Software

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This version of KoldLink includes a number of improvements over the previous version.  As such, before downloading and installing this version 1.6.8114, please manually uninstall any earlier versions of KoldLink which might be installed on your computer. Download/installation of his all-new version is NOT supported by obsolete versions of MS Internet Explorer. We recommend use of Edge, Chrome, or Firefox  -based browsers.

Cargo Data Corporation has created KoldLink Universal software, a remarkably simple software that is free, user-friendly, and supports all conventional data-logging Cargo Data recorders. Once one of Cargo Data Corporation’s instruments has been downloaded into the software, users can view, analyze, and print detailed reports. KoldLink also automatically updates Cargo Data’s UpLink cloud server.

UpLink Data Retrieval

Users can view temperature and location data (for data from real-time instruments) for any shipment simply by entering the instrument serial number in the UpLink field on our website. Data is viewable online at no charge. Temperature data can also be downloaded into a computer or smartphone and saved in .pdf and/or .csv formats if desired. There is no need to keep hard copies of temperature data—it remains available online for 6 months. Older data is archived offline but can be requested at no charge.

Once you have installed our application, the program will display an “UPDATE” icon to advise you of any available upgrade. Supported Windows versions are: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

KoldLink software supports: Quality Blue, Quality Wedge, Orange Wedge, Select Digital, Quality USB, Boomerang and Boomerang2, and Lightning NFC (download Lightning NFC in KoldLink if no NFC reading device is available). In the event you experience difficulty with your KoldLink software, consult our Troubleshooting Page.

Video Instructions Here.

Contact Cargo Data for More Information

If you need further help with our KoldLink software, call us today at 800-338-8134 or send a note from our Contact page for further details.

Free KoldLink Software

Software version: 1.6.8114
Date: 03/20/22

This software does NOT support Cargo Data Corporation’s Restaurant Depot/Jetro program.

Contact the Cargo Data Corporation HERE or 800-338-8134 to receive installation instructions for the custom software version for the Restaurant Depot/Jetro program.

If you have any difficulty downloading/installing KoldLink from the link above, an alternate download site is HERE